About Us

We are a small business with three big drivers:

  1. Our love of the natural world. We believe that nature can fascinate, delight, teach, and nurture young people. We also believe that a person who has learned to observe the natural world as a child will grow up inspired by what they learn from its patterns and processes. If we can slow down and give children time and space to appreciate the more-than-human world, they will value and prioritise its protection.
  2. We don't want to be part of the problem. Our natural environment is threatened by many different actions and we don't want to contribute to those threats. We strive to make our footprint small by mindfully sourcing our products and packaging. Our boxes, tape, mailing labels and stickers are 100% compostable and curbside recyclable in the US, and where possible produced using post consumer recycled materials. We have not yet found a more eco-friendly replacement for the plastic sleeve that protects your blanket from possible moisture during transit, but are excited about some brilliant possibilities being developed using biodegradable ingredients such as seaweed. 
  3. We want to be part of the solution. We aim to produce quality, long lasting items that can be treasured and enjoyed for many years. When choosing the materials for our blankets, we considered both the well-being of the children who would be using them and how to create something beautiful using existing resources. Using post consumer recycled cotton and post consumer recycled polyester for youth blankets is a way to take something destined for a landfill and turn it into a useful product that can be loved for years. The baby blankets are made using organic cotton, prioritizing the instinct to wrap babies in the most natural and chemical free products we can. The production of organic cotton also has less impact on the environment than regular cotton.