It’s been awhile…


It’s been a very busy year.  Our second oldest child graduated from high school, went off to America to attend college for a semester and then went to Japan where he is serving a mission for our faith.  The amount of paperwork necessary to make all that happen was staggering.  Never mind the doctors visits the orthodontics that needed to be completed and the acquisition of a two year wardrobe to a country that actually has seasons!  I was busy.  Oh, and then there were the other three children and the trip to Ireland and London and, and, and…  All good, joyful things that I am using as an excuse for my long absence.

My life is filled with so much beauty and the frequent blessings of truly joyful moments. Like a magnificently woven piece of fabric, the joy being the repetition of aquamarine blue on a background of subtle meaningful colors. Maybe it is this fullness in my life and these frequent bursts of joy that is inspiring me to fill my images with as much beauty and pattern as I can. Whatever the inspiration, creating an image swirling with detail and pattern fills a very discerning space inside of me that is otherwise quite empty.

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